1 - The Beer
Crafted to easy, Carver’s Weiss is made with select German weiss yeast and blended with Southern Cape aromatic hops – for a Weissbeer that’s laidback yet alive with flavour.
Join the Carver’s Table at selected events and experience the Carver’s Weiss tilt, for a whole new way of drinking beer.



Carver’s Weiss is the new South African Weissbeer, brewed following time-honoured German tradition. The taste of Carver’s Weiss can be described as a memorable Sunday afternoon. It’s the mood of a lunch so timeless that it goes into evening. Like a life that doesn’t need to be uploaded to be awesome. That’s what it tastes like – easy.

The imported, German yeast creates a rounded, creamy mouth-feel and low-spiced weiss profile, unlike more complex Weissbeer styles. Carver’s Weiss is lower in bitterness levels with a tropical, fruity nose. This results in a zesty flavour without the bitterness or the spicy taste typical of Weissbeers.


Part of the traditional way of enjoying Weissbeer is mastering “the tilt.“ This is an age-old Weiss tradition to gently awaken the imported German yeast and Cape aromatic hops, giving Carver’s its laidback, lively taste.

  • Tilt your bottle of Carver’s Weiss about 160° to 180° to distribute the yeast evenly.
  • Turn back upright, open and pour into your glass.
  • Enjoy the easy taste!



The yeast used for Carver’s Weiss has been specially sourced from the Weihenstephan Brewery in Germany, which has been producing yeast for Weissbeer for hundreds of years. In fact, the Weihenstephan Brewery can trace its roots back to the year 768, making it the world’s oldest continuously operating brewery!

Along with the traditional Weihenstephaner yeast imported from Germany, Carver’s Weiss is made with Cape Aromatic Hops to add to the unique laidback yet lively taste. Located at the foot of the Outeniqua Mountains outside George, hops farmers take the utmost pride in making sure conditions are just right for that crafted to be easy feeling.

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